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Welcome to Salé!

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Salé is a city in north-western Morocco, on the right bank of the Bou Regreg river, opposite the national capital Rabat. The Bou Regreg River forms the border between Salé and Rabat, and after passing between the two cities, empties itself into the Atlantic Ocean. Many visitors to Morocco are overwhelmed by the historical sites in Rabat (such as the medina, the ancient ruins of Chellah, and the mausoleum of Mohammed V), and they forget that a short boat ride away from the capital will lead them to the less glamorous, but equally fascinating city of Salé. When visiting Salé, take the time to visit some of the town’s ancient religious monuments; beautiful Morocco mosques in the city center proudly display the ancient craftsmanship of Moroccan tile making, known in Arabic as zellige. Step into an intricately designed 14th-century madrasa and ponder the majestic architecture that comprises the school building. Walk down to the shores of the Bou Regreg and watch as brightly colored boats unload their daily catch – feel free to buy some fresh fish for yourself, as the fish in Salé is known for being particularly delicious especially if prepared in a traditional Moroccan tajine.

Salé is also known for its craftsmen who produce stunning wooden pieces such as desks, chairs, and trays (the trays make fantastic gifts!). Be sure to stop by one of the woodworking factories in Salé and have a peek both at the way the craftsmen create their wooden artwork as well to see what they have on sell – Salé prices are known to be cheap, so you may find some amazing deals!

Salé is one of Morocco’s many hidden gems, taking a trip to this laid-back, ancient city you will see a very welcoming side of Morocco and have a chance to discover the friendly ambiance of a traditional Moroccan working-class town.

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