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Please, do inform us with date and time if you need to drop off the car at out of opening hours so a CARWIZ employee waits for you.

If after check-up by the CARWIZ employee, additional damages are discovered, we will inform you of the costs incurred via email, as well as back them up with photos and necessary documentation.

The arrival of a CARWIZ employee can be arranged in advance, this will be charged by our current price list.

We advise you to pay with the credit cards that was used to authorize the funds and make the deposit during vehicle pick up. Also, you can pay with another credit, debit or electron card, as well as in cash in Morrocan Dirham (MAD).

If you have the necessary insurance for the damage caused to the vehicle, and the necessary documentation you will pay only the excess risk reduced.

In case the damage you caused to the vehicle is not covered by the chosen insurance, it will be charged to you in accordance to already defined tariffs and vehicle categories, from the deposit funds that were reserved on your credit card during vehicle pick up, and to the maximum of the insurance excess. In addition to this, and administration fee for vehicle damages is also charged per our current price list. This is charged during vehicle drop off. The client needs to present all the documentation that was given to him by the police or by any other person (police report, Alco test report, filled damage report) and fill out an accident statement in the vehicle drop off office.

CARWIZ withholds the right to charge the whole expense of the damage caused if the Client was not acting in accordance to the rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Morocco, or if he did not follow the procedure of reporting the accident.

If you have insurance or insurance excess with a different company or insurance agency, it is extremely important that you complete the whole procedure (Alco test, filled damage report). All the gathered documentation and damage invoices need to be presented to the company or insurance agency in which you have signed the insurance policy to get your money refunded. For additional documentation please contact our Customer support.

If there is a need for additional payment after the rental period has ended you will be informed of it via phone call or email.

Some of the possible reasons for additional payments

  • Parking tickets
  • Traffic tickets
  • Vehicle damages or drop-offs with fuel level below the pick-up level discovered after drop-off
  • Damages discovered after car cleaning if they were no visible during drop off

The time for the return of the deposit to your account can last from 15 days to 4 weeks and it depends on your credit card and bank.

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You can send your review to us via email to or via our websites online questionnaire.

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